Uday Shetty


Guardians at the Gate

Basudev Biswas


A career in advertising teaches you many things, but the one thing that Basu and Uday hold in good stead is the ability to spot a good idea and take it to its logical end. This skill came to the fore after a meeting with Atul Nigam.

Atul, who met with them to develop some merchandising material, spoke about the fulfillment fulfillment in charting the course of young minds through a unique learning platform. The idea was the clincher and the three joined forces to form Aasanka.

Basu and Uday spent their formative years in the ad industry, gaining experience and momentum in several landmark agencies before going on to set up their own respective agencies. Both their agencies blazed a trail and were poised for new highs. A few years later, Basu and Uday came together and started Cornerstone, a boutique advertising agency based in Bombay, which they still successfully spearhead.

Today, besides their advertising commitments, Basu and Uday along with Atul have yet another commitment to keep. To nurture and give Aasanka the place any great idea deserves.

Will this team create a storm? Will it change the path of an industry? Do they have the stamina for the long haul? Is this a meeting of minds or meeting of destinies? Time will tell.